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How to Add Some Holiday Spirit to Your Smart Projector?

by Shopify API   |   Dec 22, 2021

It’s the most wonderful time of 2021 with Christmas music playing on the radio, stockings hanging over the warm fireplace, and of course, the presents lying underneath the sparkling Christmas tree. And the Christmas spirit doesn’t have to stop in your living room. You can take that feeling and apply it to your home theater, too. Here are five ways to add some holiday spirit to your projector.

Add Some Christmas Light Color

Who says that your Christmas tree and house are the only places for Christmas lights? You can add some of that holiday cheer to your smart projector and theater, too. Throw up some Christmas lights around the walls of your cinema and string them along the top of the couch and end tables. Create a fun atmosphere for your loved ones to enjoy a holiday movie.

Pick a Holiday Movie

It's actually easy to find a Christmas movie to enjoy on the projector screen. You can pick a 3D family film that makes the kids squeal with excitement or a comedy that has you and your friends rolling on the floor.

You could start with something on Netflix that gets Santa to say, “Ho-ho-hilarious." That's the 2003 classic Elf, starring Will Ferrell, featuring Zooey Deschanel and Peter Dinklage. Ferrell plays a human raised by elves and sent to New York City, where no one believes in Santa Claus. Ferrell’s character spends the entire movie naively trying to convince people that Santa is real to great comic relief. 

If you have little ones at home who are looking for something a bit more animated, you can’t go wrong with Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman. These two cartoons are full of catchy songs that you may even find yourself singing along to if you watch long enough. Or perhaps, your kids will get inspired and want to head to the snowy outdoors to build their own snowman. No matter which film you pick, you’re sure to have fun.

And if you’re deciding between a portable movie projector with Bluetooth device and Wi-Fi connectivity vs. an ultra HD home theater projector with 4K HDR video quality complete with Android TV, either projector option is OK. You can check out our post on LED and DLP 4K projectors with an explainer on how the throw ratio can be used as a distance calculator.

Whip Up Some Holiday Treats

Santa loves to snack on cookies and milk, and you also can indulge your sweet tooth during the holiday season. You could try brewing up some hot chocolate to stay cozy and warm while you watch your favorite holiday specials. 

Or you could start baking some gingerbread cookies. Get the kids or your spouse involved to help with the decoration, and maybe you could even create a small, edible house. That’s something that’s going to look and taste great!

Here Comes Santa Claus (You)

 Make your holiday movie night one to remember and dress up the family. Grab a Santa costume, a white beard, and some pillows to use as padding, and you have Jolly Old Saint Nick right before your eyes. A little Christmas clothing, some glasses, and a gray wig can create a fabulous Mrs. Claus. 

And for the kids, you can make them into Santa’s little helpers. Find some elf costumes at a reasonable price, mold some elf ears out of clay (you can find tutorial videos on TikTok), and add a bit of makeup to create some rosy cheeks. Now, your entire family will feel right at home at the North Pole.

Invite Extended Family and Friends

The holiday season is about spending time with our loved ones. Get Grandpa and Grandma to come over to spoil the kids and add some fun. Invite your neighbors and spend a night getting to know each other more than from across the fence. Or get your friends to come over to create a night that you’ll remember forever with a UHD Anker Nebula projector.

Have a Merry Christmas

With these tips, you’re sure to feel the Christmas spirit with your video projector. So start decorating, cooking, dressing up, or whatever you feel like doing that best celebrates you. Feel free to come back and review this post for inspiration any time. Have a wonderful holiday season!

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