• Nebula Phone Projectors: Portable Entertainment On-the-Go

    Phone projectors, or smartphone projectors, offer portable and convenient projection of your phone's content, turning any surface into a screen for movies, presentations, and entertainment on the go. Nebula's various smart projectors for phones redefine portable entertainment with great convenience and advanced technology.

    For mini projectors for phones, we have Capsule, Apollo, Solar, Astro, and more series of cell phone projectors that are lightweight and smaller than comparable projectors, packing a powerful punch with 300 ANSI or even 1000 lumen of laser-bright brightness to deliver stunning 1080p HD clarity. What's truly remarkable is their 52Wh or higher built-in battery, offering about 2.5 hours of video playback, perfect for on-the-go movie marathons. With Android TV 11.0 compatibility and support for Netflix, your entertainment options are boundless.

    For outdoor enthusiasts, we also offer Cosmos and Mars collections of mini phone projectors stepping into the limelight with up to 2200 ANSI Lumens brightness, capable of creating a cinematic experience under the open sky. Furthermore, these portable projectors support up to 200-inch max screen size and 4K resolution, coupled with AI screen brightness adjustment, promising optimal viewing even in the great outdoors. But that's not all. These projectors that connect to phones double as a power bank thanks to its exclusive RoamPower™️ technology, with a hefty 185Wh capacity, allowing you about 5 hours to watch movies and 15 hours to listen to music. Meanwhile, with features like IPX3 water resistance, durability against drops and dust, and quick setup via intelligent sensors, these projectors for Android phones are built for adventure. Totally speaking, Nebula's phone screen projectors offer the ultimate blend of portability, convenience, and immersive entertainment, wherever you choose to roam. So check out various Nebula screen projectors for phones now to find which type is perfect for your needs.

  • FAQ

    Why buy a phone projector?

    A portable phone projector offers the flexibility to enjoy content from your smartphone on a larger screen, making it ideal for movies, presentations, and entertainment on the go. Nebula's phone movie projectors enhance this experience with portability, advanced technology, and powerful features, delivering immersive entertainment wherever you are.

    What is the best smartphone projector?

    The best mobile phone projector depends on your specific needs. Nebula offers a range of high-quality options, including the Capsule, Apollo, Solar, Astro, Cosmos, and Mars series. Each series caters to different preferences, ensuring there's a top pick for every user. For example, choose our Mars 3 if you want immersive outdoor movies, while pick our Cosmos Max for astonishing 4K UHD images.

    Can I project my phone screen to the wall?

    Yes, you can project your phone screen onto a wall using Nebula's wall projectors for phones. These portable phone projectors are designed to mirror your phone's screen onto a larger surface, allowing you to enjoy movies, presentations, and more on a wall for a larger and more immersive viewing experience.