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  • Nebula Ceiling Projectors: Gateway to Supersized Joy

    A ceiling projector is a great addition for home theaters, classrooms, and conference rooms. Mounted on ceilings, it integrates into a room’s interior design in an unobtrusive manner, while delivering HD graphics for an immersive viewing experience of various visual content.

    Nebula sets off your cinematic enjoyment with a range of ceiling mount projectors of the highest grade. Supporting a maximum of 4K UHD clarity and HDR10, our ceiling mounted projectors breathe life into every pixel of the projected image, producing clear, vivid, and high-contrast graphics that blur the boundary of reality and imagination. Moreover, enabled by Dolby Digital Plus and Sound Dimension, our projectors on ceilings also boast impressive 3D stereo, giving you a truly home theater feel. What's more, enjoy impressive keystone correction, convenient connectivity (HDMI, USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Chromecast), and integration of 7000+ apps with Android TV. In short, Nebula’s smart projectors for ceilings redefine your entertainment experience. Buy Nebula roof projectors and embark on a true cinematic journey now!

  • FAQ

    How much is a ceiling projector?

    The price of a ceiling movie projector can vary widely depending on several factors, including the brand, features, and image quality. Here's a general price range you might expect for ceiling TV projectors:
    Budget Projectors: These typically start at around $100 to $200. They often have lower resolution and fewer features but can still provide decent image quality for basic use.
    Mid-Range Projectors: These fall in the range of $200 to $800. They offer better image quality, more features like higher resolution, better connectivity options, and improved brightness. A good option in this category is the Nebula Cosmos, which features 1080p resolution and 810 ANSI lumens brightness.
    High-End Projectors: High-end ceiling projectors can range from $800 to several thousand dollars. These projectors often offer high resolutions (such as 4K) and advanced features like lens shift and keystone correction and are suitable for home theaters and professional use. The Nebula Cosmos Max, a projector with 4K resolution and 1500 ANSI lumens brightness, belongs to this category.

    How safe is the ceiling projector mount?

    The safety of a projector for bedroom ceiling mount primarily depends on its quality. High-quality mounts, like the Nebula Cosmos Mount Stand, are generally very strong and stable and are super easy to install as well as adjust. On the other hand, low-quality or unbranded mounts may be less safe and reliable and thus better be avoided.

    Can any projector be ceiling mounted?

    Not exactly. While most projectors can be generally ceiling-mounted with the appropriate ceiling-mount hardware and setup, note that not all projectors are designed for ceiling mounting, especially some mini portable projectors meant for mobile video experience. The ceiling-mounted projectors should have different mounting holes for special mount stands.

    Is it better to mount a projector on the ceiling or shelf?

    The decision to mount a projector in ceiling or a shelf depends on your specific needs, room layout, and personal preferences. Ceiling mounting provides better image quality and an unobstructed view of the screen, meanwhile reducing the risk of accidental damage. On the other hand, shelf mounting scores higher in ease of installation and accessibility for easy maintenance. Please choose according to your intended use scenarios.