• Protect Your Investment with Nebula's Projector Cases

    Projector cases provide protection, portability, and organization for your valuable projector equipment, ensuring it remains safe, accessible, and in optimal condition during transport and storage. Nebula understands that protecting your investment in high-quality projectors is crucial for an uninterrupted entertainment experience. So we offer a range of meticulously designed projector carrying cases to match your specific projectors.

    Firstly, we have dedicated companion carrying cases for projectors Capsule, Capsule II & Max, and Capsule 3 Laser series of projectors. Crafted exclusively for the whole Capsule collection of smart projectors, they combine portability and protection, safeguarding them from dirt, dust, splashes, and minor bumps. Besides, these projector bags are made from premium materials, featuring vegan PU leather externally and soft EVA material internally to ensure your Capsule remains pristine. With an interior pocket for cables, they're all about convenience for immersive entertainment on the go.

    For Nebula's Mars projectors, check out our Mars Official Carry Case. Engineered to securely accommodate Mars, Mars II, or Mars II Pro projectors, these projectors carry cases prioritize worry-free entertainment. The durable yet flexible anti-static nylon material protects against dust, dents, bumps, and scratches, ensuring your Mars projector remains in perfect condition. Thanks to the comfortable shoulder strap and carry handle, you can carry your Mars projector effortlessly. Moreover, we also have the Cosmos Laser Travel Case for many Cosmos Laser projector users. Similarly, you can choose between the hand strap and shoulder sling for hands-free mobility. Additionally, these projector hard cases don't just protect against everyday wear and tear but also guard against rainstorms with their waterproof layer. And they're spacious enough to store your Cosmos Laser, remote, power cord, and microphones, making it the perfect package for a cinematic experience on the move.

    In essence, Nebula's video projector cases are more than protective shells; they're designed to enhance your projector's portability, ensuring your entertainment can go wherever you do. So explore our projector accessories now to guarantee a perfect fit with your Nebula projector, enjoying the peace of mind that your investment is safeguarded during transit.

  • FAQ

    Can I take the projector in a carry-on?

    Yes, you can typically take a portable projector in your carry-on luggage when traveling. Nebula has many portable projectors that are compact and lightweight, allowing you to put them in a projector travel case and take them for air travel. However, it's advisable to check with the airline's specific regulations and guidelines regarding electronic devices and carry-on items to ensure compliance with their policies.

    How do you transport a projector?

    To transport a projector, ensure it's powered off and cool, then unplug and securely pack any cables. Place the projector in a carrying case or its original packaging to protect it from damage. If traveling, consider a dedicated projector travel case. Handle the projector with care and avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures or physical shocks during transport.