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Find the Best Budget Projector in 2024: Top Picks & Buying Guide

Choosing an affordable projector doesn't mean settling for lower quality. The market today is brimming with good budget projectors that punch way above their weight, offering crisp visuals, robust features, and durability without the hefty price tag. If you are looking for the best budget projector that doesn't skimp on quality, you've come to the right place. 

In this guide, we've curated a list of best affordable projectors in 2024 that promise to enrich your visual encounters without draining your wallet. Join us as we explore the features and benefits of each model and help you make an informed decision by sharing essential factors to consider when choosing one.


Best Budget Projectors

From compact models perfect for outdoor movie nights to powerful options boasting 4K resolution, let's explore some of the best projectors for the money: 

Nebula Mars II Pro



The Nebula Mars II Pro is the best budget outdoor projector, featuring an ergonomic handle that allows you to easily relocate anywhere in your home or outdoors. It shines in delivering a luminous display with its DLP IntelliBright technology, casting a radiant 500 ANSI Lumens image at a sharp 720p resolution. The Mars II Pro is equipped with dual 10W audio drivers that deliver cinematic sound quality, complete with deep, resonant bass that'll make you feel like you're in the heart of the action. 

It's incredibly versatile too, offering HDMI and USB 2.0 connections to easily hook up your favorite devices, from laptops to gaming consoles. Plus, with Android 7.1, you have all your streaming favorites like YouTube and Netflix right at your fingertips, making it a powerhouse of entertainment.

Nebula Capsule 3 Laser 


The Nebula Capsule 3 Laser is the best budget mini projector that redefines portable entertainment with its pocket-size design. Weighing just 2.1 lb, it can project up to a 120-inch screen size, offering an unparalleled viewing experience wherever you go. With a 300 ANSI Lumens laser light source, it projects 1080p HD resolution images that are breathtaking in clarity and vibrant in colors, perfect for outdoor settings. 

It brings cinema-quality entertainment to any location, backed by dual 8W Dolby Digital speakers for an immersive audio experience. The built-in Android TV 11.0 and native Chromecast turn it into a smart entertainment hub, offering hands-free control with Google Assistant. Its 52Wh battery ensures 2.5 hours of uninterrupted playtime, making it a convenient choice for outdoor adventures or home movie marathons.

BenQ HT2150ST

benq ht2150st

The BenQ HT2150ST excels in delivering a premium viewing experience with native 1080p Full HD clarity, 2200 ANSI Lumens brightness, and a 15,000:1 contrast ratio, all tailored for movie enthusiasts and gamers. The use of DLP technology means you'll enjoy a sharper, crisper image with a design that's both lasting and sleek.

It is praised for its low input lag and unique game modes, making it the best budget gaming projector. Installation flexibility is another highlight, with vertical keystone correction and a 1.2x zoom facilitating easy setup. Its short-throw projection allows a 100-inch screen from just 3 feet away, perfect for immersive gaming sessions and cinematic experiences.

Nebula Cosmos Max


The Nebula Cosmos Max stands out as the best budget home theater projector that invites you to a true cinema experience, presenting movies, sports, games, and more in stunning 4K UHD quality and 1500 ANSI Lumens brightness. With Dolby Digital Plus and Sound Dimension technology, this projector's speakers deliver 360° of true 3D audio, enveloping you in sound from every direction. Its built-in digital zoom allows for adjustable image size, giving you the freedom to scale your viewing experience up to a 150-inch display or down for more intimate viewings, all without moving the projector.

The Cosmos Max also features Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) technology, enhancing non-HDR content in real-time to ensure everything you watch is of sensational quality. With access to over 5000 apps including Hulu, Disney+, and HBO via Android TV, this best budget 4K projector ensures you're always just a click away from your next binge-watching session. 

XGIMI MoGo 2 Pro

xgimi mogo 2 pro

The XGIMI MoGo 2 Pro is a portable projector with 400 ISO Lumens, a Hollywood color temperature, and a 90% DPC-P3 color gamut, providing vivid, true-to-life scenes. Its Intelligent Screen Adaption Technology (ISA 2.0) with 3D ToF and CMOS features allows for faster, more accurate keystone correction and autofocus in real-time. 

The ultra-portable projector is less than 5 inches thick and offers high-quality visuals. It comes with dual 8W speakers coated with Dolby Audio and a unique visible diaphragm for rich bass. The latest version of Android TV 11.0 ensures smooth entertainment, while the integration of Google Assistant lets you enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows, and more with just your voice.

What to Consider When Buying Budget Projectors? 

When seeking the best affordable projector, it's important to look beyond just the price tag. To ensure you make an informed decision that meets your needs, here are essential factors to consider:

  • Resolution: The resolution of a projector determines the clarity and detail of the image it projects. For a budget projector, aim for at least 720p. You can also find affordable 1080p or even 4K options for sharper and more detailed images. 
  • Brightness: Brightness, measured in Lumens, is crucial for determining how well the projector will perform in various lighting conditions. Look for projectors with at least 300 to 500 ANSI lumens for decent visibility in well-lit rooms or outdoor settings.
  • Contrast Ratio: The contrast ratio contributes to the depth and detail of the projected images, influencing how vivid the pictures appear. A higher contrast ratio means deeper blacks and more vibrant colors, enhancing the overall viewing experience.
  • Portability: If you plan to move your projector between locations or intend to use it for outdoor movie nights, portability becomes a significant factor. Look for compact and lightweight outdoor projectors and check if the projector comes with a carrying case or handle.
  • Battery Life: Battery life is crucial for uninterrupted viewing, especially for outdoor movie nights or presentations without convenient access to power outlets. Look for projectors with at least 2 to 3 hours of battery life to ensure a good viewing experience.
  • Audio Quality: Audio quality cannot be overlooked. Many budget projectors come with built-in speakers, but their output varies widely. Consider the projector's speaker power (measured in watts) and whether it supports external audio solutions via Bluetooth or audio out ports. 
  • Connectivity Options: Your projector should easily connect with the devices you plan to use it with, whether it's a laptop, smartphone, gaming console, or streaming device. Common connectivity options include HDMI, USB, and Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for wireless connection.
  • Smart Features: Many modern projectors come with built-in smart platforms, offering direct access to streaming services and apps. If you're looking for convenience, consider a projector with an integrated operating system like Android TV, which provides a seamless streaming experience without the need for external devices.


Navigating the sea of options to find the best budget projector can seem daunting, but equipped with the right information and insights, you can make a choice that perfectly suits your needs. The projectors we've explored today, from the compact Nebula Capsule 3 Laser to the feature-packed Nebula Cosmos Max with 4K clarity, demonstrate that affordability doesn't mean compromising on quality. When selecting your ideal budget projector, it's crucial to weigh factors such as resolution, brightness, connectivity options, and portability against your specific needs and preferences. Ultimately, the best cheap projector for you is one that not only fits your financial constraints but also meets your expectations in delivering crisp, clear, and immersive visuals.


Are projectors worth the money?

Yes, projectors are a great investment. They offer large screen sizes for a comparatively lower price than large TVs, making them ideal for home theaters, presentations, and gaming. With advancements in technology, many projectors now provide exceptional image quality, vibrant colors, and even support for 4K resolution. Plus, their portability allows for flexible setups, be it indoors for a cozy movie night or outdoors for a gathering under the stars.

Are more expensive projectors better?

Not necessarily. More expensive projectors may offer additional features, higher resolution, or enhanced image quality, but their value ultimately depends on your specific requirements and budget. For casual use or in environments where high-end specifications are not necessary, a less expensive projector might offer better value for money.

How much should you spend on a home projector?

The amount you should spend on a home projector depends on factors such as desired image quality, features, and budget constraints. Entry-level projectors can start from around $200 to $500, while higher-end models with advanced features may cost $1000 or more. Consider your priorities and intended use to determine the appropriate budget for your projector purchase.

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  • Brighter Is Better: Dlp Intellibright Technology Projects A Radiant 500 ANSI Lumens Image At Razor-Sharp 720P For Breathtaking Video Clarity.(Recommended For Use In Dimmer Environments)
  • Cinematic Sound: Dual 10W Audio Drivers Work Together To Deliver Sensational Sound And Deep, Resonant Bass For A Truly Immersive Outdoor Projector Movie Experience
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  • Only 2.1 lb (950 g) | 90% Smaller Than Similar Projectors
  • 52Wh Built-In Battery | Play Videos for 2.5 Hours
  • Watch or Play with Android TV 11.0 | Compatible with Netflix
  • Hi-Fi Cinematic Sound | 8W Dolby Digital Speaker
Cosmos Max | Portable 4K Projector for Home Theater
4K Home Theater Projector for a True Cinema Experience
  • True Cinema Experience: Watch your favorite movies, sports events, games, and more in astonishing quality with Cosmos Max’s 4K UHD image.
  • A New Dimension of Sound: With Dolby Digital Plus and Sound Dimension, Cosmos’s speakers have been optimized to deliver 360° of true 3D audio.
  • Adjustable Image Size: Change the size of Cosmos Max’s image without ever having to move the projector courtesy of the built-in digital zoom. Max out your movies at 150 inches, or scale things down for a more intimate affair—all with a simple tap of the remote.
  • Upscale Everything: Cosmos Max breathes new life into your old DVDs, videos, and even live TV broadcasts thanks to Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG). It automatically detects when you’re watching non-HDR content and upscales it in real-time so everything you watch looks sensational.
  • Endless Entertainment: Whether you want to indulge in an ice-cream-fueled Prime Video binge or watch the big game via the ESPN app, Cosmos has you covered. Choose from over 5000 apps including Hulu, Disney+, HBO, and many more with Android TV. Note: For peak performance, please update to the latest firmware.